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Vizag has introduced "no motor vehicle zone" of about 2km in beach road, from Kali temple to Palm beach hotel, between 5.30am-7.30am. This is to encourage a healthy pleasant and fun-filled Cycling, Walking, Skating.
Benefits of cycling: --Burn Calories & Improve Fitness; Enjoy the fun & Happiness of cycling.... Every day!
     --Curb Air & Noise Pollution; Save Fuel, Time and Money               
Future !! The ultimate source of energy for the entire Universe is SUN ( solar energy), which is cheap and freely available.  Its high time we shift to solar energy and LED lighting system. Fossil fuel may not last for a long. The roads cannot accomodate the rapidly growing automobiles. Walking and Cycling will be our future cheap modes of transportation. Electric cycle which utilizes human energy(cycling) and solar energy will be our future' cheapest mode of transportation. LED will be our future lighting system.